Four Ways to Get Free Poké Coins (no survey)

free pokecoins no survey

If you play Pokémon Go, you need PokéCoins. Lost all your Poké balls, need a top up or to purchase upgrades, it’s all about those Pokécoins.
The simplest way of getting Pokécoins is a purchase. That’s the whole business model of Nintendo. Of course, then players started looking for ways how to get free Pokécoins without paying.

You can get free PokéCoins no survey or anything of that sort needed. Below we have prepared four methods of how you can do that.
Remember, if it’s fast, it’s either risky or expensive. And if it’s easy, it also slow.

We give you the methods, you pick what you like.

Daily PokéCoins

Daily PokeCoinsDon’t dismiss Pokéstops. The rewards are small, and they are not always PokéCoins, but they add up. Plus, they reappear every 10 minutes or so.

What I did was mark all PokéCoins on my daily routes, plus my favorite coffee shops and supermarkets. Now every time I go by, I take my reward.

Gyms with PokéCoins and Starburst

Gyms take effort, but they constantly generate you PokéCoins when you are the owner. For every 10 minutes you have your Pokémon guarding a gym, you earn one PokéCoin. There is a cap of 50 coins per day for every player. And if someone take over the gym, you stop earning.

And hey, so what if someone took over your gym? Get it back. It’s part of the fun.

There’s more. The Pokémon you assign to a gym matters. Every time your Pokémon manages to defend a gym, you get a massive defense bonus.

Watch videos

No, not YouTube. Video on Pokémon Go. It takes time, but coupled with other free methods, you can still make a significant amount of PokéCoins by watching ad videos.

And similar to watching ad videos, there is also clicking on ads themselves. It can make you earn both PokéCoins and Starburst. Even Gems.

PokéCoins Generator

PokéCoins GeneratorThere is a quick way of earning free PokéCoins with no surveys. That’s PokéCoins generators. It’s not a flawless method but many players have used the to get 1000 or even more PokéCoins in seconds.

There is the issue that these generators only work for a short time, so you must find a new one and use it quickly before a patch is out, but it’s a method, nevertheless.